There’s a place where you can embark on a journey and revel in the destination. Where the storylines have been forged by the Wiradjuri Peoples. When on this land, nature and storytelling guide you to a deeper cultural connection, one that will last long after you have left this special place.

Discover landscapes that ignite senses, and your sense of curiosity. Admire a vibrant crimson sky at sun up, then track ancient river red gums along the Murrumbidgee. Feel a sense of adventure pedalling bushland trails up inclines or paddling waterways downstream. Soak in aromas of eucalypt and wattle while listening to a native chorus of cockatoos at sunset.

Unearth new producers scattered across our landscape and the flavours they forage from these bountiful lands. Visit them at a farm gate or delight in the local flavours served on plates in eateries across our region.

As well, towering peaks, heritage villages, classic icons, undulating landscapes and friendly neighbours await those who roam a little further.

You can find this place halfway between here and there, and at the centre of it all.

Welcome to Wagga Wagga, Wiradjuri Country.