Tumut Cycle Classic

A group of riders, just outside Tumut, in the Snowy Valleys NSW Cycle through picturesque Tumut, tucked away in the Snowy Valleys, in the western slopes of the Snowy Mountains. This area is known for rolling green hills, and crystal-clear waterways, and is a cyclist's delight.

There is a ride for everyone starting from a 20 kilometre family fun ride, a 40 kilometre ride for the average cyclist, 75 kilometres for the adventure seeker and 100 kilometres for the experienced rider. Enjoy the serene landscape on the quiet country roads and meet the friendly locals afterwards or have a dip in the freshwater rivers wrapping this beautiful town. Experience the serene beauty of the region, while raising money for for Tumut Hospital.

In 2020, the Tumut Cycle Classic is raising AUD40,000 to purchase two state of the art Emergency Resuscitation beds for Tumut Hospital. Being able to carry a load of 300 kilograms, these beds also automatically measure a patients height and weight and have the attachments for blood pressure readings and IV stand. In addition they have compartments for x-ray films which will allow the doctors and radiographers to x-ray the patient while lying on the beds if medically required.

Dates + times:

Sunday 12 January 2020
Sunday 12 January 2020
Sunday 12 January 2020, 6am to 4pm

Entry costs:

Adult $45
100 kilometre and 75 kilometre Rides: 12-17 years AUD69 (AUD75 after 2 January) 40 kilometre Ride: 12-17 years AUD45 (AUD50 after 2 January) 20 kilometre Ride: 12-17 years old AUD45 (AUD50 after 2 January) Under 12 years old: Free

Child $0
Entry Fees: Early Bird Prices until 2 January 2020 100 km & 75 km Rides: Adults: $69 ($75 after 2 January) 40 km Ride: Adults: $69 ($75 after 2 January) 20 km Ride: Adults: $45 ($50 after 2 January)


Tumut Bull Paddock
Clarence Street
Tumut, New South Wales


Carpark, Family Friendly, Public Toilet

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