Til the cows come home, Uranquinty public art

Only 15 minutes out of Wagga, Uranquinty has become a popular stop for lovers of baked goods. The Quinty Bakehouse will fuel your trip and fill your belly while you wander around Wirraway Park and check out memorials and public art that commemorate important elements of ‘The Friendly Village’s’ history, such as the RAAF and Migrant Hostel and agricultural history.

‘Til the cows come home (pictured above)

These 1.7m tall and 2.8m long cows can be found at Wirraway Park on the Olympic Highway, right across from the Quinty Bakehouse and Uranquinty Hotel, and stand proud and tall in their new home.

'Til the cows come home was constructed by artist Jane Cavanough.