An illustration of land including cars on roadways, built up communities, wildlife, trees and mountains. Cars and signs are pointing to the east to encourage people to roadtrip to our neigbouring regions to help with fire relief.

Like many of you, Visit Wagga Wagga would like to do its bit to help fire-affected communities in our region.

Which is why we’ve started the #GoEast campaign. This is our way to promote and encourage all visitors and residents in Wagga Wagga + Surrounds to visit the eastern corners of our region.

The Snowy Valleys, in our region’s east, and large sections of the eastern side of the Greater Hume Shire have suffered extensive loss to infrastructure and the natural environment during the 2019/2020 summer bushfires.

A number of NSW National Parks and Wildlife historical and popular attractions in the Snowy Mountains have also perished or been severely impacted.

And, while the fires are now extinguished, the impacts on these communities will be long lasting. The #GoEast campaign is your prompt to continue to visit these regions and help them through the recovery and rebuild phase.

Make your #GoEast pledge today by sharing this post, tagging your road trip buddies and start planning your eastern Wagga Wagga + Surrounds adventure.

Keep an eye on Visit Wagga Wagga’s social media pages and website for regular updates on this campaign.

#GoEast is an initiative of City of Wagga Wagga with the support of Snowy Valleys Council, Greater Hume Shire and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services.

#GoEast get involved

For all, spend money in the local businesses – buy a cuppa, gifts, pantry items, petrol there. For visitors, come see our beautiful Wagga Wagga + Surrounds region and extend your stay by booking accommodation in these easterly regions. And locals, road trip here and be a visitor in your own backyard.

Other handy tips:

  • Buy online – keep an eye out for businesses in these fire-affected regions who have online stores and buy directly from them
  • Plan a camping trip in the regions and buy your camping supplies from the local shops
  • Purchase gift vouchers from presents to spend in businesses in the Snowy Valleys and Greater Hume
  • Support local events in these regions – plan your #GoEast trips around these events
    * Tumbafest | February
    * Batlow Ciderfest | May
    * Festival of the Falling Leaf | May
    * Henty Machinery Field Days | September

More events head to visitwagga.com/whatson

Share your #GoEast tips to help fire-affected communities by posting on social media and hashtagging the post with #GoEast and tagging @visitwaggawagga.

Share the #GoEast love

Step 1: Head to Visit Wagga Wagga’s social media pages (Facebook and Instagram story)

Step 2: Share the #GoEast post and tag your road trip buddies

Step 3: Get together or start a Facebook group and start some serious road trip planning *Tip: some areas and attractions are closed due to fire damage, please check if they are open before heading off. See council areas and NSW National Parks below to link through to their pages for updates.

Step 4: Hit the open road bound for the Snowy Valleys, Greater Hume and/or Kosciuszko National Park.

Step 5: Snap pics on your adventures and share them on social using #GoEast and tagging @visitwaggawagga

Step 6: Feel the warm and fuzzies of knowing you’ve helped out!

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