Top 7 @visitwaggawagga Instagram posts of 2017

Festive tree in the Victory Memorial Gardens by @mandyrie71_skin_randf

Above: Christmas time in the Victory Memorial Gardens by Instagrammer @mandyrie71_skin_randf.

Author: Visit Wagga Wagga team
First published: 09 Jan 2018.

With over 6,000 images shared on Instagram using #visitwagga this year (and over 13,000 in total), we’ve had quite a rough time choosing our favourites to share on our Visit Wagga Wagga socials – first world problems, we know.

There was a lot of Lake Albert love, road-tripping fun, quite a few features of our beloved 'Bidgee and a whole lot of sunshine!

Looking back, there’s some common themes among the favourite posts of our Instagram friends – they just can’t go past a nature-themed or sunset shot without a quick double tap. In fact, we had more than 50,000 likes across our 363 posts in 2017 – a crazy amount of love on the city + region!

We’ve pulled together the top seven posts of 2017 on our @visitwaggawagga Instagram, as judged by you, our wonderful followers (by engagement).

7. Summer sunsets are always a good idea

We can’t resist a good sunset shot and with good reason – Wagga clearly sees some of the best going around.

Posted: 25 January 2017 - click here to see original post.
“Last night's cracker sunset over the countryside surrounding Wagga  Thanks to for sharing with #visitwagga!”

Summer sunset in Wagga Wagga by

6. Lagoon love

The Wollundry Lagoon might be in the centre of city but a wander alongside will make you feel like you're far away from it all.

Instagrammer: @bunniesbabe
Post: 17 November 2017 - click here to see original post.
“Who doesn't love a walk in the sunshine?!  Be sure to capture those blue sky reflections on the Wollundry Lagoon on your visit to Wagga. It runs right through the middle of the city - under the bridge which separates our two main streets, in fact! Thanks @bunniesbabe for tagging us in this shot, share yours too for the chance to be featured! #visitwagga”

Wollundry Lagoon in Wagga Wagga by @bunniesbabe

5. Perfect blue skies. Need we say more?

Our region's brilliant blue skies provide the perfect backdrop for many an Instagram post on #visitwagga. Exhibit A: This shot.

Instagrammer: @bh9_1jd
Post: 15 September 2017 - click here to see original post.
"The pure blue sky in Wagga Wagga has always been my favourite. It's just too blue to be true!" @bh9_1jd captured our brilliant blue sky contrasted against the patchwork fields of vibrant yellow and green only spring can deliver. If you want to catch some Insta-worthy canola shots, we'd suggest booking a visit to Wagga and the region soon! #visitwagga”

Springtime sunshine and canola field by @bh9_1jd

4. Everyone loves a Lake Albert sunset

A loop around the lake is high on the list for both locals + visitors any time of year, and sunset? Well lets just say we're big fans and so are all our Instagram friends.

Instagrammer: @petarbphotography
Post: 13 August 2017 - click here to see original post.
“Lake Albert looks good any time of the day but as the sun sets it becomes bathed in a magical light and tinged with oranges, yellows and pinks. @petarbphotography captured a stunner recently! #visitwagga”

Lake Albert sunset by @petarbphotography

3. Autumn leaves are crunchy + prettyyyy

Our four distinctive seasons are the perfect backdrop (+ subject) for many an Instagram shot. Autumn might just be our favourite time of year...

Instagrammer: @renaewako
Post: 29 May 2017 - click here to see original post.
“First world problem: We can't decide which is the best street in Wagga for those brilliant autumn hues. @renaewako captured Gossett Street in ripper form recently. Tell us your favourite spots in the comments! #visitwagga”

Autumn leaves in Wagga Wagga by @renaewako

2. Springtime sunshine brought us right out of winter hibernation

Nothing heralds the imminent arrival of spring better than field upon field of bright yellow canola. Early spring certainly gives autumn a run for it's money!

Instagrammer: @bh9_1jd
Post: 1 September 2017 - click here to see original post.
“If this isn't the picture of spring, we don't know what is! @bh9_1jd certainly captured the region coming to life near Wagga recently. #visitwagga”

Springtime blossoms and canola by @bh9_1jd

1. Festive spirit got us good!

The most popular @visitwaggawagga Instagram of the year was a latecomer to the party but delivered festivity in spades. The festive tree in the city's Victory Memorial Gardens was lit up just in time for December and will be on year-round - we're sure we'll be seeing a lot more of this one so stay tuned!

Instagrammer: @mandyrie71_skin_randf
Post: 22 December 2017 - click here to see original post.
“Be sure you make time to visit Wagga's Victory Memorial Gardens and check out the festive tree all lit up! If you're not visiting soon don't stress - the lights will be up all year long for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks to @mandyrie71_skin_randf who captured this great shot with quite a few people milling around to take it all in. #visitwagga”

Festive tree in the Victory Memorial Gardens by @mandyrie71_skin_randf

We can’t wait to see what our locals + visitors get up to in 2018. Follow along on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we share our favourites!

Eager to see your shots here too? Share with #visitwagga on Instagram and Twitter or post directly to our Visit Wagga Wagga Facebook wall.


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